We, men, owe a lot to feminism, and can shoulder more to bring a desirable change

באנגלית: כמה הפמיניזם תרם לנו הגברים, ואיך נוכל לתרום לחיסול הנורמליזציה של המיזוגניה

Will to Truth

I think I am an average bloke, really. I am not different than you, or about to preach you to position myself as better. I am not better. And I guess that, like many men, when I am exposed to the spontaneous #MeToo movement (not exactly a ‘campaign’), I get at the same time hopeful and inspired and upset, but also reflective and ashamed about certain regrets, immaturities and retrospect stupidities (although I never touched a woman without consent).But what I have to say is not about me, as an individual, but about our society and time.

We might just be living a momentous shift in the appreciation of, and resistance to, the unfair treatment and structural inferiority of women. But because anti-feminist arguments are still common, it is good to start by taking stock of how much we, men, have actually benefited so far from the gender-equality movement: by…

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